RAY HEFFERNAN performance


Friday 18 / 18.00 – RAY HEFFERNAN 🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸 musician and composer, author of the famous piece Angels “by #RobbieWilliams Exclusively at the Vecchio Circolo Lortallo to cheer guests during the aperitif and dinner. RECOMMENDED TABLE RESERVATION

CALL ☎️ + 39 0322 1902034

old club of Lortallo / Ameno

Once an inn and meeting point in the small village of Lortallo, at the foot of Mount Mesma. Today a contemporary, chromatic and geometric kitchen laboratory. There is evolution and research. Above all fun dishes, to be appreciated even with the eyes. The new adventure of a young chef and an experienced patron (his is the boeuc wine bar in Orta) takes place in the scenery of the Pre-Alps, the nearby Lake of Orta and the Agogna valley. A conjunction between past and future to be covered by walking (up to the table) among the green paths that wind through the hills.