Itinerario bike riviera Pettenasco


Gardens, landscape and unforgettable views

LA RIVIERA OF PETTENASCO – Dedicated to discovery of the villages cradling Lake Orta, this itinerary offers picturesque, enchanting views over the lake waters and surrounding valleys. This is a circular route which, while not presenting any great difficulty, is dedicated to cyclists with a degree of training: there is plenty of uphill pedalling and roads requiring good riding abilities. The first part of the trip is on tarmac roads while later there are dirt roads and single tracks through lush vegetation characteristic of the Riviera and the hills behind.


Pettenasco, is the take-off point, a village overlooking Lake Orta, much appreciated particularly in the summer season. The starting point of the ride is the parish church of Santa Caterina. Ride north for about 120metres, taking Via Vittorio Veneto and enter a little secondary road on the left. You will see the Museo dell’Arte dedicated to wood turning and the history of this technique from the beginning of the 20th century to the present day. The route then proceeds up Via della Stazione for about 600 metres and, keeping right, you will go over the level crossing.

At the crossroads, keep left and go along Via Francisca for more or less another 170 metres. Straight on, along Via della Chiesa, takes you in the direction of Crabbia, a little hamlet above Pettenasco with picturesque period houses and tiny, charming lanes.


Here you will see the church of San Martino, with its fine altarpiece depicting St Ann. Turning right into Via Agrano, you will soon reach a crossroads and keeping left, take Via per Omegna from which a lovely green path leads into open countryside, with the chance to pedal through meadows overlooking the lake. The route will take you approximately 3 km through the countryside, through dense vegetation, with little streams – these will sometimes have to be crossed on foot, while you push your bike. Proceed along the route on secondary roads in the direction of Borca, after about 50 metres keeping left, you will reach a junction and the right-hand Intersection, Via Franco Martinoli.


In the hamlet of Borca you will go past the church of San Gottardo. After a further 375 metres, follow the GPS through Via Borca and turn into Via Agrano, taking the tarmac road that leads to the village of Agrano, on the slopes of Mottarone at an altitude of 450 metres above sea level. The village is known locally for the “Agrano Mummy”, the body of a young woman buried there around 1740, miraculously maintained and preserved in the back of the parish church of San Maiolo, which over time has become a local devotional object.

Soon after, turn into Via Giulio Isotta and keeping left, going into Via Selviana. At the intersection, keep left and go into Via del Rivo and, a little later, take a right into Via Mottarone, where you will see the famous Pescone River, the main river which flows into the eastern shore of Lake Orta.


After a hairpin bend, turning left on the Via per Armeno, you will quickly reach the little mountain village of Bassola, all lanes, gates and stone houses. One again you will meet a junction and, turning right, follow a path leading to Pratolungo, known until a few decades ago for its wonderful orchards. You will enjoy pedalling in the quiet of this old village, as yet untouched by mass tourism despite the remarkable views over the blue waters of Lake Orta.


Villa Fortis, formerly a farm that has been redeveloped by the well-known local industrialist, Alberto Alessi. Going back to the 17th century, it extends over 6 hectares of land which today are vineyards of Pinot Noir and  Chardonnay grapes. In the village centre, next to the local recreational club, you will take the path leading to Monte Barro. The route winds along the eastern slope of the mountain, smoothly reaching the twin peaks 639 metres above sea level.

The highest point is indicated by a cross and is called “Muntagnin dal Zicar”, local dialect for Little Zicar Mountain. There is a magnificent view to be enjoyed from here over Lake Orta and the surrounding valleys before getting back into the saddle.


Now follow the signs for Pettenasco (or follow the track of the route) and start the downhill section. You are almost on the home stretch: proceed along Via Principale, turn left into Via Gino Fara Forni and then take another left into Via Parrocchiale and Via Vittorio Veneto, closing the circle and returning to your starting point. LA RIVIERA OF PETTENASCO.


Singletrack – 3.87 km
Path: 5.70 km
Bike path: 0 km
Minor road: 3.80 km
Asphalt road: 6.60 km

Unpaved: 2.55 km
Dirt road: 1.60 km
Paved area: 1.84 km
Asphalt: 6.62 km





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Pettenasco is an Italian town of 1 345 inhabitants in the province of Novara lying in the middle of the eastern shore of Lake Orta.

I vigneti

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In the Pratolungo region, 6 hectares of land are used for the production of two fine wines: Pinot Nero and Chardonnay.

Punta di Crabbia

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Reduced beach and access with boat mooring, it is also a diving point in the lake. Spectacular view that sweeps up to San Giulio Island.



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Quartiere residenziale in Omegna situato sul lago d’Orta

Monte Barro

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Mount Barro is an isolated mountain in the Lombard Prealps with an altitude of 922 m s.l.m.s.l.m.

La morta

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Agrano è noto per ”La morta”, il corpo di una donna mummuficato ritrovato nel 1792 e situato all’interno della chiesa principale.


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Agrano, municipality until 1927, is a fraction of the municipality of Omegna and is located on the slopes of Mottarone at an altitude of about 450 meters above sea level. It connects Omegna to Armeno and its hamlets.


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The Pescone river originates from the slopes of the Mottarone, the main tributary of the eastern shore of Lake Orta, first passes through the Verbano-Cusio-Ossola and then into the Province of Novara. It crosses the hamlet of Omegna Pescone (from which it takes its name) and then flows into the lake in the municipality of Pettenasco.



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Bassola is a fraction of the municipality of Armeno in the province of Novara, in Piedmont. It is 1.77 kilometers from the same municipality of Armeno to which it belongs.


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Pratolungo, a hamlet of Pettenasco, is 1.36 km from the same municipality to which it belongs and rises 420 m above sea level.

Il mulino

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Lungo lago

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