The area surrounding the Lake of Orta allows you to practice excursions of any kind: on the lowland along the lake, on the marked trails, or higher up, climbing on the hills or in the mountains; There are also numerous itineraries for mountain biking. Among the walks that depart from Orta you can choose between the path “The peninsula of Orta” that runns along the lake, the walk through the woods Orta-Corconio or the complete tour of Lake Orta “the Ring Blue”. A tour of the lake, in addition to food and wine stops, also a visit to the Sacred Mount and the Romanesque Abbey on the island of San Giulio (one of the 5 key points of the Piedmontese Romanesque) or visit the Ecomuseum of the Lake Orta and Mottarone that embraces all the material culture of the Cusio basin.