The history of the Trattoria dei Commercianti begins in Borgomanero in via dei mille in 1911. Subsequently, in 1995, the Agazzone family took over the business and moved it to via Cornice in 2004. The current restaurant was created from the renovation of a house from the 1500s.

There are many ways not to forget the times gone by, there are libs

Ours is a family-run business, my wife Lucia and I, Mauro Agazzone , have made this passion our job. We have created a sober, simple environment that reflects our values, our cuisine and the beauty of this ancient building.

On the ground floor you will find the restaurant consisting of two rooms, with 10 and 20 seats ; there are also private rooms from 10 to 35 seats , a warm and welcoming environment ideal for any type of situation from a formal lunch to a relaxing family dinner or ceremonies. Our premises are air-conditioned .


There are many ways not to forget the times gone by, there are books, photographs, stories and then there is cooking. Who hasn’t relived old emotions by tasting a dish from their childhood or simply from their land?

The kitchen is also this, guardian of a time that was. Our restaurant therefore aims to preserve traditional flavors by following classic recipes and seeking only high quality ingredients.


12.30-14.30 20-22.30




12.30-14.30 20-22.30


12.30-14.30 20-22.30


12.30-14.30 20-22.30


12.30-14.30 20-22.30


12.30-14.30 20-22.30