It is in the simplicity of the name Pane e Vino that the sense of this unique locale is to be sought in the orthe environment, perfectly meeting the needs of visitors who have always chosen as the destination of their travels one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.
From the careful search of cheese and salami typical of the Piedmont Region, to the selection of local wines, Bread and Wine is not a restaurant, but an experience to live and a journey to discover simple, genuine and often forgotten flavors.
And the tasting leaves room for the opportunity to buy the products displayed in the shop, where a large counter and a comfortable lounge welcome and warm up its Customers.
Placed beneath the large porch of one of the Orta’s historic palaces, Bread and Wine directly overlooks the old Community Mansion and Piazza Mario Motta to satisfy the view.


Tasting of wines, cheeses and salami.

Breakfast, aperitifs, lunches, dinners and events.

Cooked dishes with care also using the products on sale.[/vc_column_text]

Pane e Vino