★★★★★   Pella

Casa Fantini lake time​ has been inspired by an idea of Daniela Fantini, CEO of company Fantini Rubinetti, a very special businesswoman who, despite always traveling the world, has not lost her connection to her territory, to traditional family values and genuine but refined Italian tastes.

She likes spending Lake Time on “her” Lake Orta, with its culture and traditions, sharing experiences and delicious typical food and wine with her friends, whom she likes cooking for. She has thought in opening “Casa Fantini” …she can share these same experiences with new friends!

Consists of two lakefront buildings, an historic one and a new one, harmoniously integrated into the surrounding countryside by the architectural design.

The boutique hotel offers 5 Superior rooms (on the first floor), 4 Prestige rooms (on the second floor) and 2 Suites (one on the first and the other one on the second floor of the historic building).

All rooms have a balcony or terrace, allowing you to admire the wonderful panoramic views of Lake Orta, with its quiet waters and inebriating nature with its mountains, woods, colored flowers and intense feelings of emotion with the unique view of San Giulio Island.

A blue colored glassy wall, inside your room, reflects, as if by magic, the same lake landscape.