Lake Orta likes Central Europe. “A catchment area that has always been an important reference for and our accommodation facilities, and that this year will also reserve us good surprises: the first reservations are already arriving, and the interest in our territory at the Fespo in Zurich is palpable, with thousands of people visiting our booth. Ours was an important and strategic presence, considering that 12% of Swiss tourists choose Italy as a holiday destination “.

The president of the Unione Turistia Lago d’Orta Oreste Primatesta speaks. It does so from Zurich, where yesterday afternoon the 2018 edition of the Fespo, the most important tourist fair in Europe, closed: “The Union took part for the first time, certainly played the element- news but the success was full: halfway through the review, we had to get new printed material from Italy, because what we already had with us was completely sold out. No mass distribution, however, but only to those who stopped at the stand, where they even formed queues to take our brochures. We therefore hope that the good work done by the Tourist Union of Lake Orta is reflected from the point of view of presences in the now close season “.

“With the end of March and the alternation of Easter, April 1, the 2018 season will come alive, these events look to this near departure: we were present in Zurich with the brochures of the structures, but also with maps and pamphlets of Lake Orta, which our reality is directly edited and printed, and which are distributed every year in tens of thousands of copies to tourists who reach the towns and cities of Cusco. We have also brought with us the material of the entire Lakes Tourist District, because we believe very much in the value of ‘making the system’ and of the collaboration between our territories “.