The Museum of Folk Culture and Musical Instruments is one of the very few museums, in Italy and world wide, devoted to wind instruments. It was started in this small mountain village in the Verbano Cusio Ossola Province to record the flourishing production of wind instruments which has been a traditional activity in the village.

The museum is laid out on two floors; the upper floor exhibition illustrates the traditional craft methods of making the instruments, while the ground floor is devoted to recording the history and rural Alpine life of the village.

More than three hundred instruments are displayed in the upstairs section; some are rare examples, of historical and documentary interest. The woodwinds include clarinets, oboes, bassoons, saxophones and flutes, the brasses trumpets, trombones, horns and saxhorns.

The ground floor section exhibits objects and tools in a reconstruction of their historical setting, bringing to life the traditional customs of Quarna and its surrounding area; the loom, the wine press and the mill are prime examples.

A recently-opened section focuses on mammals, birds and reptiles, some of them endangered species. Minerals and rocks from the area are also on display.

The Museum also hosts teaching activities, and organizes important musical events including concerts and competitions.